2020-09-28 - 2020 Annual Police Experts Meeting (APEM) on 28 September 2020 - confirmation and technical details
OSCE Events Registration Team
9/18/20, 11:35 AM
Alexander Marchenko

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Dear Alexander Marchenko,


We thank you for registering for the 2020 OSCE Annual Police Experts Meeting titled “Police and the Media: Co-operation in Public Interest”, to be held on 28 September 2020.


Physical participants at the Hofburg Palace and remote participants will have full audio&video access and will be able to request the floor and deliver their comments and place questions as per Logistical Modalities (CIO.GAL/144/20) distributed officially.


For Participants joining remotely via zoom: the ZOOM LINK to access the meeting will be provided via email upon approval of your registration request by the organizers.  


When joining via zoom, it is mandatory for Delegates/Participants to log in with:


®     Participating States and Partners for Co-operation:     

3-letter ISO-3166 abbreviation of country name, e.g. ALB, UKR, AUT, DEU, and add your first and last name.

e.g. DEU, Jann-Einar Schultz


®     International Organizations

Please use your official abbreviation e.g. UNHCR, CoE, ICRC and add your first and last name:

IACA, Hermann Meier


®     NGOs, Civil Society, Business, Academics:

Please use an obvious abbreviation not longer than six digits for your entity/affiliation:

e.g. UniVie (for the University of Vienna) and add your first and last name. Example: UniVie, Sonja Rattmann


In case of further clarifications needed, please contact Ms. Merima Abdic, e-mail: and Ms. Jeni Dimitrova, e-mail:


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