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Тема: FW: CMBC & AMKODOR Financing - Legal Fees [SORAINEN-L.FID1194750]

Владимир, Игорь, добрый день!


Пересылаю новое письмо от банка, в копии которого вы не стояли. Пожалуйста, сообщите, какова позиция по этому вопросу.


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答复: CMBC & AMKODOR Financing - Legal Fees [SORAINEN-SLOG1.FID1194750]


Dear Ann,


We are currently working on the engagement letter with Revera. Because if we directly engage Revera, the payment will be subject to Chinese tax regime.

Based on our preliminary estimation,  there will be VAT (6% of the legal fee), withholding tax (10% of the legal fee) and city construction tax and education supplementary tax(12% of the VAT).


Could you kindly confirm with Amkodor if they are OK with these tax payment? Please be noted the final tax amount will be subject to local tax authoritys requirement.


Thank you very much.



Guo Ming


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主题: RE: CMBC & AMKODOR Financing - Legal Fees [SORAINEN-SLOG1.FID1194750]


Dear Guo,


Thank you for your e-mail.


In correspondence with Jingbo we discussed only the direct payment to the bank’s legal counsels by Amkodor.


You mentioned the option of “payment from Junhe”. Do you mean the set-up under which (i) the bank engages Junhe; (ii) Junhe engages Revera; (iii) Junhe receives payments with respect to the services of both Junhe and Revera from the bank; and (iv) the bank receives reimbursement of legal fees from Amkodor. If so, this set-up should work for Amkodor, unless this structure leads to increase of expenses related to legal fees. If any additional cost is involved, Amkodor needs to know the amount of cost to make the final decision.


Kind regards,



Ann Laevskaya
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Subject: Re: RE: CMBC & AMKODOR Financing - Legal Fees [SORAINEN-L.FID1194750]


Dear Ann,

Can youp please kindly help to advise why the direct payment or payment from Junhe are not workable? I need to know the exact reason to report internally since it's not normal market practice. 



Guo Ming  CFA

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Date: 2018-08-08 15:43

Subject: RE: CMBC & AMKODOR Financing - Legal Fees [SORAINEN-L.FID1194750]

Dear Jingbo,


We discussed with Amkodor the options of direct payment to the lender’s counsels. From Belarusian law perspective both proposed option are not workable for Amkodor. We believe this issue has already been under discussion, at least in respect of the Belarusian legal counsel engagement. Would you please liaise with the bank to initiate engagement letters approval/signing?


On a separate note, we were informed that you are prepared to discuss the provisions of the Facility Agreement related to tax withholdings. Would it be feasible for you to have a call regarding this issue at 12:00 Minsk time?


Kind regards,


From: ZhouJingbo []
Sent: Wednesday, August 8, 2018 4:33 AM
To: Ann Laevskaya | Sorainen <>
Cc: Nelson Zhou <>; '郭明-民生银行' <>; Denis Bogdanov | REVERA <>
Subject: CMBC & AMKODOR Financing - Legal Fees


Dear Ann,


We understand that the borrower proposed that all legal fees will be paid to the bank and the bank will forthwith pay to its respective counsels. The bank will also be required to enter into engagement letters with the counsels.


We have talked to the bank today and please note this approach would be time-consuming, as its internal approval takes time in respect of the signing of engagement letter which may delay the signing or drawdown.


Please confirm: (1) if there is any local law restrictions on signing engagement let with lender’s counsels and paying the fees directly; (2) if there are restriction, can we (being authorized by the bank) receive the full payments (including legal fees for Revera) on behalf of the bank. We will then pay the legal fees to Revera as our disbursement. Please note however such payment will be subject to additional 6% PRC tax so there will incur additional costs to the borrower (e.g., the fee is USD 100 but we have to bear USD 106 with 6 to the tax authority, the excess of which is expected to be reimbursed by the borrower).


If both of the above options are not feasible, we will liaise with the bank to initiate its internal process. Your prompt response is highly appreciated.


Best regards,



Jingbo Zhou | 周静波

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